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How Motion Control Is Related to Industrial Automation

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Automation is highly beneficial for so many industries due to its ability to increase worker safety, speed and accuracy 24/7. It also reduces the risk of any inconsistency or human error that could otherwise take place. Automation is capable of handling a variety of complex tasks, with the added ability to manage projects from start to finish before transferring them to the next stage.

It is important to keep in mind that high-quality motion control products are necessary to achieve these advantages. In automation lines, motion control plays an integral role in maintaining efficiency and achieving perfection with each process. To facilitate this, you’ll need to work with a dependable manufacturer of motion control parts and systems who will be able to assist you when choosing the right components for your processes.

general automation

Industrial automation motion control products

Based on our customers’ individual requirements, we offer a selection of products for applications in the general automation industry. These products include robots, fully customized multi-axis systems using controllers and drives, and other components that enable customers to develop their own custom general automation system.

Multi-Axis Linear Stages

These systems are normally intended for eliminating the need for human intervention for certain tasks. They’re often powered by belt stages, ball screw stages, or linear motor stages. Customers can also purchase compatible external motors, drives and controllers.

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