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Linear guide rail SBR16 With SBR16uu linear guide block

Brand Name: VENSTPOW

Model Number: SBR16

Guide Width or Diameter: 16mm

Length: 100mm to 4000mm



Linear bearing is a low-cost production of linear motion system for unlimited travel in conjunction with the cylinder axis. Because of point contact between ball and straight axis, so the load is small. The ball is spinning with the smallest friction, it can run a high precision and smooth motion. Flange linear bearings can be divided into: round flange type, oval flange, guide wheel flange, guide the oval flange type, plus long round flange type.


This is the sliding unit with the aluminium case, shafts and aluminium rail for preventing deflexion. This is the complete sliding unit systems and can be clamped simply tightening by bolt with high accuracy. The support rail unit provides maximum rigidity and stiffness to the shaft throughout the whole stroke, and ensure the performance of the unit.