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Motion Control Products for Laboratory Industry

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High-quality motion control products can be used throughout the laboratory industry. Hiwin’s product lines are designed and built to serve these specialized niches within the industry:


  • Clinical chemistry

  • Clinical microbiology

  • Hematology

  • Molecular diagnostics

  • Toxicology

  • Virology

Some of our most common motion control products we provide for these laboratory fields are:

  • AC servomotor

  • Ballscrews

  • Controllers

  • Drives

  • Linear guideways

  • Linear motor motion stages and systems

  • Torque motors

Explore our core product offerings in-depth:

Linear Guideways

We create guideways as small as 2mm to guide the motion of automated systems along defined tracks. Each of our tracks is compliant with cleanroom standards, including ISO 5 and ISO 9. Our linear guideways are used in liquid dispensing machines and various testing machines as linear guides for each axis of movement.


Ballscrews are the precision parts that provide linear movement by rolling and transferring motion to the vehicles along the guideway tracks. We supply standard and miniature ballscrews that work with a wide variety of laboratory motion equipment.

Linear Motor Stages and Systems

Linear motor stages are defined setups that handle very specific tasks or processes. This allows for high-precision, dynamic positioning applications for testing and analyzing clinical samples. DNA sequencers, for example, need fine-tuned linear motion systems that act in stages for as much control as possible. Linear motor stages and systems are often supplemented by Hiwin drives and controllers.

Torque Motors

Torque motors provide smooth, precise movement and angular positioning by providing rotary motion to the connected axis. Laboratory equipment and machinery commonly use torque motors in positioning tables to apply test chemicals or conditions to multiple samples as efficiently and accurately as possible.

AC Servo Motors

Available from 50 W to 1000 W, Hiwin AC Servo Motors are perfectly compatible with Hiwin Ballscrews for an easy to install sub-system.

Servo Drive and Controllers

Complete the electronics part of the motion sub-system with Hiwin’s compatible servo drive and controller to simplify the buying and design process.

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