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Products in Metal Fabrication

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Metal processing products

There are a variety of motion control solutions to promote rapid and accurate metal manufacturing while improving overall product quality.From cutting and sawing to bending, molding, and assembly, our motion control products ensure optimal equipment performance in a variety of conditions.

Cut and cut

Cutting and saw cutting are two major metal manufacturing processes that benefit from movement techniques.Manufacturers use cutting tools and saws to remove materials from metal plates or rods.Precision machinery workshops use computer CNC machines to perform most cutting processes to ensure precise cutting within the range of strict tolerance requirements.The operator programmed the computer software to work with linear motors, linear rails and ball bars to guide tools and artifacts.Using a premium motion control component allows cutting and saw cutting tools to move freely with excellent speed and precision.


brake forming

In bending and molding operations, the manufacturer uses compressive forces to shape the metal.Machine tools are increasingly performing bending and molding operations to improve accuracy and reproducibility between parts.The extreme pressure required to bend the metal requires reliable, accurate control.Line guide rails and ball filament bars provide ideal performance in crucial bending and molding applications at high loads.


During the assembly process, the manufacturer turns the different parts into finished products by welding, riveting, or otherwise connecting them together.As the capability of automation assembly technology improves, automation is becoming increasingly popular as the solution for repetitive assembly tasks.Assembly equipment usually relies on straight rails, straight motors and ball silk bars to provide fast, reliable motion.It is great to provide a variety of motion control components to ensure your assembly operation goes smoothly.

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